TRON  Blue Machine Mix
Artist / V.A
Title / Breaks & Beats Disney
Label / Avex
Format / CD

1. Intro Disneyland Theme
2. Mickey Mouse Club March (KPS Mix)
3. It's A Small World (It's A Muro's World Remix)
4. Fantasia (Dirty Raw Bobo James Mix)
5.Tron (Blue Machine Mix)
6. Mary Poppins (Twigy Mix)
7. Dumbo (Old Nick "super Elephant Fly" Mix)
8. Alice In Wonderland (Alice In Underground)
9. The Jungle Book (Jingle Jungle Mix (Album Edit Version))

10. The Lion King (The Life Remix feat. corn Head & Jin)
11. The Little Mermaid (Under The Sea-hot Sauce Booty)
12. Main Street Electrical Parade (Back-in-the Dayz Remix)
13. Aladdin (The Lamp Of Legend Mix (Album Edit Version))
14. Peter Pan (The Indian Village Cruise)
15. Winnie The Pooh (Who Are You Callin'a….Mix)
16. (Pinocchio Classic And Vintage)
17. Beauty And The Beast (Beats And The Beast Mix)

Artist / V.A
Title / Breaks & Beats Disney For Wizard Of DJz Vol.1
Label / Avex
Forma t /12"
Tron[Blue Machine Mix]/O.N.O